Correct Safety Installers stand out from the crowd! They are handpicked, specially trained, fully equipped, and cover the entire country.

We carefully select the ‘correct’ people who share our values, to join our team. They are specially trained by Correct Safety to do things our way. Our installers all hold appropriate qualifications and we take care to ensure these are kept up to date to ensure our qualified technicians stay ahead of the pack. To us a safety focus is crucial, and installers are respectful of workplace safety requirements.

At Correct Safety, we are committed to equipping each of our teams with the needed equipment to get the job done. We also ensure that our teams are in constant contact with our Technical Support Team. This means that the system is installed correctly and that installers are informed and aware of modifications or adaptions. If any complications arise onsite, our installers and project managers can work together with you to resolve any issues. Our communication and reporting processes provide extra quality control, ensuring that the system is ‘correct’, and that we are protecting people’s lives.

We have teams of installers in each Australian state and territory. These teams are also committed to travel to reach regional areas, ensuring national coverage.

Our projects team strives to minimise interference on business day-to-day activities by planning and coordinating installation around the specific needs and circumstances of each project. Where appropriate, we prepare materials offsite to further minimise impact onsite.

Our installers have years of experience to their credit, complementing their high skill level. This, combined with their courteous attitude and professional conduct, makes us feel both proud and privileged to have them with our team.

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