Lucky Bay Facility SA

A grain export and storage terminal with 24,000 tonnes of storage capacity.


The building of the Lucky Bay port has been a big plus for farmers in the Lucky Bay region. The site has provided a much-needed alternate storage and export option for farmers, and the erection of 3 large silos with a total of 24,000 tonnes of storage capacity has solved grain import and export issues in the region. With the silos able to facilitate the discharge of 1000 tonnes per hour, the maintenance on the silos must stay consistent to keep the facility running smoothly.


Our valued client came to us for their Roof Access Safety System for the silos, because they needed to have safe access to the:

To enable the silos to be maintained effectively, safe access was a must-have for the client to allow maintenance workers to access certain silo components safely and easily.


This is where Correct Safety was able to deliver excellent service, with a walkway and guardrail system being installed to enable safe and easy access to equipment on the perimeter of the silo roof edges.

Correct Safety installed:

The entire system was designed to comply with the AS 1657:2018 and AS/NZS 1891.4:2009 standards. By providing the correct equipment for the project, Correct Safety has ensured that facility maintenance staff are safe and protected while carrying out their maintenance to keep the plant able to consistently import and export grain.


                                                                                         Guardrail and Walkway system around a silo roof