Correct Safety is a family-owned Australian business.

At Correct Safety, our mission is to protect people’s lives.

This is of the upmost importance to our team, as we actively strive to uphold our mission at every stage of our safety solutions, by reducing the hazards and risks associated with working at heights.

Gravity is a phenomenal force – one that should never be overlooked by those who work above ground level. We can’t reverse the force of gravity, but we can respect it. Our innovative height safety solutions protect workers against this unforgiving force every day. 

Our team is intent on providing customised and tailored innovative solutions to suit every work situation, and ensure that everyone works in a safe environment, free from harm.

Height safety, is about more than just fall protection – it’s about prevention.

At Correct Safety, we strive to do things ‘correct’, offering height safety systems that are compliant to Australian Standards, comprehensive and safe. To us, doing things ‘correct’ is an integral part of protecting people’s lives.

Our team are like family, and together we work hard to make sure workers on our sites return to their families every day in the same condition they were when they left for work.

It's a big responsibility - one we take very seriously.

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