Roof Guardrail and Walkway Systems

Correctly installed roof guardrails are safety authorities' and roofing manufacturer's preferred fall prevention system. Any contractors or unskilled worker with general height safety training can access roof spaces fitted with guardrails without requiring site specific training.

The non-slip walkways can be professionally installed along a designated walking route, and can be constructed to suit various roof pitches. All materials - marine-grade aluminium, reinforced fibre composite and galvanised steel - can be colour powder coated to blend in or stand out from their surroundings. The non-corrosive nature of materials also means the walkways are low maintenance.

When walkways are teamed with guardrails, the continuous and effective barrier system means there is also no fall arrest Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) required, such as safety harnesses.

By having our walkways and guardrails pre-fabricated specifically for your site using innovative modular components, we reduce the time our specially trained technicians spend cutting and welding onsite disturbing your day-to-day business activities.