Anchor Points

Strategically placed anchor points provide a secure point for workers to attach lanyards or rope lines when they need to access roof edges, gutters, solar panels and roof-mounted mechanical equipment. 

We make it easy for workers to keep themselves safe. If a worker trips or slips while their safety harness is connected to an anchor point, the fall is controlled and the potential for serious injury is significantly reduced. In most cases, they can right themselves and get back to work.

Correct Safety experts will design a customised a roof anchor system for each building to ensure maximum safety including:

  • the strategic placement of the anchors to ensure easy access to key areas and to avoid any pendulum effect
  • the type of anchor point and mount required - steel roof, corrugated, span, concrete, tile, truss or steel purlin mount.

Where appropriate, workers can use retracting lanyards and anchor straps to adjust their rope-line length when they need to walk further from the original anchor point. This offers the worker flexibility without compromising their safety.