The nation's first immersive footy skills and entertainment centre.


AFL Max, located in Adelaide, is the nation’s first immersive footy skills and entertainment centre. Backed by the biggest names in the sport, the state-of-the-art facility brings together the latest technology and traditional skills development for players and fans of all ages.


As the AFL Max facility must be suitable to have many people under one roof at a time, there was a need for large AC units to be installed. With a very high roof so football games can be played under it, the risk of a fall from the roof while conducting maintenance is very high, and therefore Correct Safety was approached by the valued client to provide a solution to this problem.


We assessed the situation and were able to design and construct a user-friendly solution that provided safe and easy access to roof-mounted equipment, ensuring hassle-free maintenance. The system included:

  • A vertical caged fixed access ladder with mid-way platform and landing kit for access to the main roof
  • A vertical cage ladder with landing kit for access between roof levels
  • Fully compliant walkway system for access between AC units on the roof