McDonald's Casuarina NT

A custom-built system for a major fast-food company



Access kit: Angled access ladder. landing and guardrail


                                Walkway system


McDonald’s Casuarina was a new construction that Correct Safety was acquired to design and install a height safety system for. The height safety solution provided by Correct Safety was custom-built in every aspect. As McDonald’s is as pragmatic about safety as we are, we made sure that safety was the main focus throughout the entire project.


We engaged with our client to design and install a user-friendly height safety solution that would keep roof workers safe when repairing and providing maintenance for the essential equipment that keep the fast-food restaurant running, such as:

  • Large industrial fans
  • AC units
  • Solar panels

As there was an entire solar system surrounding some of the equipment on the main roof, it was a challenge to make sure our system was designed to fit around the solar panels. This was overcome by attention to detail in the design stage and enabled Correct Safety to design a custom-built roof safety system that was compliant with all required Australian standards, giving roof workers peace of mind.


To provide a roof safety system that was low maintenance and compliant, Correct Safety put a lot of effort into designing a system that consisted of:

The system was installed in accordance with the AS 1657:2018 standards to guarantee a hassle-free experience for our valued client.