Overhead Rail

Workers who need to clean or maintain areas above machinery or other people need to be able to move freely around the area without compromising their safety (or that of the people below).

Our rigid overhead rail system provides continuous and effective fall protection for multiple workers at a time and can easily be fitted with an abseil attachment for easier access to tricky areas like building facades and canopies.

Workers simply connect their safety harness to the continuous rail using our ball bearing trolley system. As it is connected to the rear of their harness it allows them full freedom of movement and doesn't interrupt their productivity. If the worker does slip or fall, the safety connection controls the fall distance minimizing the potential injury.

This neat and unobtrusive overhead rail can be powder coated in a colour to blend with its surrounds.

We can professionally install this system very quickly in commercial or industrial environments, allowing you to get back to work quickly...and safely.