205 Railway Terrace SA

A large premises home to 3 businesses






This large business development in Adelaide is home to 3 large businesses that operate out of the 2 floors. With the building being so large, there is a need for a lot of air-conditioning to keep the premises cool during the hot Australian summer.


Our valued client building the large premises at 205 Railway Terrace approached Correct Safety as they needed safe access to their plant platforms that held A/C units and other equipment. Without safe access to certain equipment on the roof, maintenance personnel would not have peace of mind when servicing the equipment as they are put at risk of many hazards including fall edges.


As we are pragmatic about safety, we were able to design and construct a suitable solution for the application with the end-user in mind, which included:

  • Fixed access step ladders for access to plant platforms
  • Powder-coated slat screens to protect workers from the platform edge while improving the aesthetics
  • Aluminium guardrail system around platforms and access hatches for fall protection
  • Fibre walkway system for safe access between the platforms

This system provided a safe and reliable system that was user-friendly and gives peace of mind to personnel working on the roof.