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Safety Harness Equipment

Correct Safety’s range of harness gear and equipment is simple to use, comfortable, tear resistant, fall arrest rated and endorsed by Australian standards. Available in kit forms consisting of harnesses, retracting lanyards, ropelines, anchor straps, clips and connectors, the range offers alternatives for multi-purpose or specialist applications.


Safety Harness


Safety Harness Equipment

Correct Safety are leading safety harness suppliers.  Using only high quality materials, the height safety harnesses provided are fully adjustable and are designed to easily fit any user. All of the safety harnesses provided are Australian Standards approved. 


Roof Safety Equipment


Providing Only the Best Roof Safety Equipment

The ranges of height safety harnesses available through Correct Safety all include an approved energy absorber. This is specifically designed to minimise impact in the event of a fall for a user working at height.

The fall arrest harness and lanyard system is specifically designed to reduce movement for the user and limit travel. The lanyard and rope-lines can be securely attached to roof anchors to provide maximum safety while carrying out duties on roof tops or other height applications.

Retracting lanyards and anchor straps can also be used to adjust the rope-line length, if further travel distance is required from the original anchor point. This allows a user to extend range without compromising safety.

Correct Safety also supply a range of high quality safety belts, clips and connectors as part of the height safety harness systems available.

Harnesses are created using comfortable tear-resistant material that is fall arrest rated and fully endorsed by Australian Standards.

Kit Form or Individual Design

Correct Safety can supply height safety harness kits complete with harnesses, retracting lanyards, rope-lines, anchor straps, clips and connectors.


Height Safety Equipment


Regardless of the height-safety requirement, Correct Safety are able to offer a safety harness solution to suit multi-purpose applications, or design solutions suited to specialist applications.

Controlled Storage for Roof Safety Equipment

Correct Safety can supply secure, lockable harness cabinets that allow for controlled storage of all safety harnesses. This helps to protect and maintain equipment for increased longevity.

Choosing the Right Safety Harness Equipment

While many applications may be well suited to using a safety harness kit, there are some that may need more specific safety considerations. Rather than risk the safety of employees or contractors, it’s crucial to speak to a height safety specialist about any of your requirements.

The team of experts at Correct Safety can offer advice about the best type of safety harness equipment to suit your particular needs. They’re also able to assist with the design of any specialist applications required.

Depending on the application required, it may be necessary to consider consulting with Correct Safety regarding any fall protection systems in place on a particular building or application. This includes ensuring the anchor points to which the safety harnesses will be attached offer the correct level of height safety to provide maximum fall protection.

To discuss your safety harness needs, speak to a height safety specialist at Correct Safety today.