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Anchor Points

Correct Safety’s range of Harness Anchor Points are designed to prevent serious injury or death by facilitating safe maintenance access to roofs, gutters, solar panels and mechanical equipment. The range offers a wide variety of options, including Surface Mounts, Concrete Mounts and Correct Safety’s market leading Tile Roof Anchors. Easy and practical to use, this range of Harness Anchor Points provides maximum protection through stainless steel construction and multiple secure mounting options

Anchor Points

Anchor Points and Roof Anchor Systems

Correct Safety are the specialists when it comes to the best possible fall arrest systems. Safety is paramount when you have employees or contractors working at height, which is why ensuring your building has the correct safety equipment is crucial.

Roof Points Systems

Roof safety points allow workers safe access to roofs, gutters, solar panels and other roof-mounted mechanical equipment without the risk of injury or death due to falling from height.

Roof Anchor Systems

Using roof anchors provides a secure attachment point for workers to attach lanyards, harnesses or static lines. In situations where guardrails may not be practical, using roof safety anchors in conjunction with a safety harness can be the best fall protection solution.

The type of roof anchor system used should be specifically created to maximise safety for each individual application.

This is why some roof anchors may be securely fixed into the roof purlins for some installations, yet others can be mounted safely onto the roof sheeting directly. Still others may provide a higher level of safety if set into concrete, or into a timber mount, or even a steel deck mount.

The height-safety specialists at Correct Safety are able to quickly identify the correct roof anchors to suit your building.

Correct Roof Anchor Design

It is crucial to ensure that any roof anchor design used is specific to that installation. Roof safety anchors should be designed in order to minimise any “pendulum” effect, which can be potentially lethal in the event of a fall.

Roof Points Systems

Once the anchor system is in place at strategic locations, personnel are then able to use a safety harness and lanyard, which is attached to the anchor to provide maximum security while carrying out whatever function needs to be performed.

Choosing the Right Roof Anchor Systems

The key to choosing and installing the correct roof anchor systems for any installation is to discuss safety needs and options with one of the professionals at Correct Safety.

Our team of experts are highly trained to identify the ideal roof access points and design specific fall protection systems designed to optimise safety. We can quickly locate and identify any potential fall risks and work towards customising the exact fall roof anchor system to provide the maximum level of safe access.

The professional installation team are also highly trained to ensure all installations do comply with AS/NZS 1891: Industrial Fall-Arrest Systems and Devices and all Australian OHS laws, regulations and codes of practice.

To learn more about roof anchors and to discuss fall protection options with a height safety expert, speak with any of the professional specialists at Correct Safety.